Oh September

 My friend TJL had sent me great information on play submission, and in further searching it appears the submission time for playhouses or organizations is Sept 1 – May 1 .  So, I’m commiting to this insane summer of rewrites, readings, and talking to myself and submitting closer to end of summer. I’m still working through getting some local folks to read and walk through for me. Here are some additional submission places:
The rewriting process is different for everyone, but I feel as if I’m in this cycle of rewriting, taking out, putting in. I’m giving typing a break, but trying to think of these people and how they would talk.  I ran through this insane monologue of Montgomery’s in the car on my way home. I must have looked as if I’d lost my mind. I’ve got a good idea, I’ve got some good pieces, there are some bones and sinews missing, but it’s pulling together. I blow it apart, put it back together, hide it under my bed, but I can’t stop working on it. 
My podcast of the week: on rewriting –

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