The Ghosts of Lote Bravo at The Unicorn

There are plays that are moving, there are plays that are beautiful. There are plays that are fresh and exciting, and plays that are important.

The Ghosts of Lote Bravo is important.

As La Santa Muerte (Meredith Wolfe) whispers, “I do not judge, I listen,” so do we, as the audience, listen and watch without judgement. Who are we to judge if a mother (Vanessa Davis) feels responsible for pushing her daughter to do whatever it took to earn money instead of starving? Who are we to judge a young man (Justin Barron) who sees no options, so he murders instead? Who are we to judge a young woman with the heart of a bull, (Rebecca Muñoz) who will do anything to get a earn her place?

It is beautifully crafted. The play is wrapped around the story of Juanda Cantu losing her daughter, reminiscent for me of the desaparecidos of Argentina. Young women, taken and left for dead, are too frequent in Ciudad Juárez, and we are shown the small steps and decisions that lead to such a disappearance. Life is simply an endurance, and a virginal Saint will not be of help in such dark times. La Santa Muerte, who requires a sacrifice of truth and tequila, is a masterful ally in dark times.

This work should not be missed as the rolling world premiere. My hope is that it will join the lexicon of American works. It is an important story.

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