Spinning Tree Theatre’s 5th season closer of AMADEUS

On Wednesday, May 4th I didn’t go to a Star Wars themed wedding (as one does) but instead I attended Amadeus – put up by Spinning Tree at The Arts Asylum. Salieri was the Patron Saint of Mediocrity, but Robert Gibby Brand most certainly is not. When I arrived, the usher and I talked for a bit (and I wish I’d gotten her name) and she said the play was a master class for actors.

She was completely correct. Robert Gibby Brand was masterful, carrying the audience from present time to past. At one point while watching him, I had the distinct thought of “This is why I attend live theatre.” I could hear the audience around me, and no one moved in the nearly three hour production. It was spellbinding.

Actors must see him in action.

Beautifully done, the entire production was an introspective journey for an artist. Where does talent and popularity begin? Does one seek fame at any cost? And how does one handle someone who is naturally and beautifully gifted, but who behaves as a self centered child? Is it enough to do good work, or is immortality the goal?

Bravo. This is what theatre is for.

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