ScarJo, as the young kids say, is Banished.

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You’ve no doubt heard about ScarJo being cast to play a transgender man, Dante “Tex” Gill.

Here is what’s especially despicable about Scarlett Johansson. She defends her actions by referring to white men’s actions. White men and their behaviors and choices are never the gold standard for diversity.

Here is a quote from the article from Vanity Fair, cited above:

When Bustle reached out to Johansson while the controversy was unfolding, the actress, through her reps, responded dismissively: “Tell them that they can be directed to Jeffrey Tambor,Jared Leto, and Felicity Huffman’s reps for comment.” All three of those cisgender actors have won accolades and awards for playing transgender characters on TV and in film—though Tambor, at least, has expressed regret for playing a part that could have gone to an actual transgender woman.

So, your defense, is that it was cool enough for Leto, Tambor and Huffman? I think she’s trying to, despicably, call on some male/female double standard. Yea, maybe it’s not fair that these folks played trans characters and got awards. That doesn’t mean you keep doing it.

Does the next person who dresses in black face say ‘well so and so did it back in the 1940s and got awards?’ You learn, you grow. You don’t look back at other people’s mistakes as justification for your mistakes and poor choices. Is it wrong those other actors got awards for playing trans characters? Absolutely. Does that let you off the hook? Absolutely not.

It’s especially despicable when women pull this nonsense because you would think they would know, intrinsically, that this is an injustice they are familiar with. Roles that they are due given to others. Not being allowed to audition for certain parts. However, Scarlet Johansson has shown her true colors. She will whitewash, and she will steal, to build her career.

So as the kids say, she is not only cancelled, she is banished.

Her movie Lucy was racist AF too

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