The Best Play Ever Written -7/28/18 -4:30pm – Westport Coffee House

Colter Lemmon & Ryan Hruza created an extremely interesting show. At our particular performance, there were only 8 people in the audience, but everyone found the show to be enjoyable and funny. I think what hurt the show was possibly the lack of publicity for it or the advertisement, which was unfortunate, because it was very imaginative and funny. Two playwrights, played by Lemmon and Hruza, get together to create a play and take prompts from the audience. In between these prompts, they act out scenes from the play. The comedic timing was very, very good and they know their theatrical tropes and development, so were able to give plenty of playwrighting and play creation in-jokes.

It must be difficult to deliver to a small house, but the two actors delivered with high energy and had everything going for them. It is a great idea, and I hope they continue it. It’s evident that they are talented comedians and able to pull together a great script with interesting sparkle. It would be great to watch an improvised show like this with a full house.

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