1. I don’t know. While on principle I agree with this guy (and had even had written a guide to writing reviews for my core KC Stage reviewers), I also feel the whole ‘ignore that it’s community theatre’ seems to be just an excuse to be mean.

    While yes, you should still expect some quality in your theatre if you’re paying money, and yes, I’ve seen some stage productions at the Barn Players that were far better than different productions I’ve seen of touring productions, at the same time, to NOT consider the fact that community theatre has certain … limitations (both in budget as well as time and casting options) seems disingenuous as well.

    Trust me: I’ve written bad reviews of community (and Fringe) reviews – and have been told more than once I shouldn’t have written said bad review. But at the same time, I think a GOOD critic also keeps in mind the limitations that the organization is under.

    My two bits.

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