Bad Jews

Bad Jews is labeled as a comedy, but it is a social commentary. It’s there to make you think. Even after laughing at nearly every line, I’m still thinking about how faith and culture collide. 

The story hinges on 3 cousins and one of the cousin’s girlfriend staying together after their grandfather’s funeral. Dina Thomas is masterful at balancing an hilarious character that is trying to cover a broken heart. All of the characters rotate around her as their axis, and their responses to her reveal their character and how they feel about their faith and situation. 
In faith, is it a feeling? A cultural experience? Is it something that has been passed down from generation to generation? In this short play, the Jewish faith and culture is explored in a humorous and unexpected way. There are no caricatures; just an honest response to grief and what it may mean to pass one’s faith to other family, or to potential spouses. 
As always at The Unicorn, masterfully done. 

(On a side note, I’m hopeful my play ‘Blood and Water in Topeka’ can do the same. Give a social commentary while entertaining.)

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