Spinning Tree – Black Pearl Sings

Don’t mind my super professional hi-res program photos. 
Michael and Andy at The Spinning Tree Theatre are so sweet. We made a donation and they asked if they could list us as an actor sponsor. 
It made me feel extremely proud to be able to do this.
This show. There are no words. It’s an extremely simple concept, a woman, Susannah Mullally (Vanessa Severo), is a song collector attempting to preserve songs of the south and unknown folk songs. She meets Pearl Johnson (Nedra Dixon) who is in prison for murder. Susannah works on recording Pearl’s songs, and the play has a surprising mix of humor, social commentary, and amazing acapella singing. 
I can’t begin to describe what an intimate  ‘little show’ this was. Packed in the simple story were themes of inequality, friendship, family, and history. The actors had to give 100% the entire time, and they were exceptional. The set, lighting, and costumes all worked together for an exceptional experience. 
After the show there was an opening night reception. Everyone in this group is just about the sweetest human beings I’ve seen. Frank Higgins (playwright) and Walter Coppage (director) were at the reception. They were very popular (of course) so I didn’t have the chance to talk with the playwright. 
What I wanted to ask him was how do you keep the faith that what you’re writing will ever see the light of day? That actors will actually memorize it? I spend every spare moment writing. Silly essays, fanfiction, plays, short stories, screenplays. Every spare minute of every day I write and practice and rewrite. How did Frank Higgins hold onto his story, and keep the faith, so it would see the light of day? That’s what I would have asked
For now, I will continue to work, and strive to improve my craft. In a few days I will post about playwriting and the process. I’ll continue with Brick Street Theatre and our objectives!

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