Women Playing Hamlet – The Unicorn

I will post a more detailed review tomorrow, but I feel like I’m going to bawl over this play. If you are a woman in theatre you have to see this. This is not optional. 

This play touched on so many struggles that female artists face. This play was hilarious, but it gave a lot of substance to women’s roles in theatre and how they are viewed undertaking this role, and the women who’ve played Hamlet before. The cast was four women, all of whom switched roles (except the lead), and the women played the men’s parts. They mentioned Patrick Stewart frequently and Benedict Cumberbatch once. It was like Christmas!! 
I can’t get over how within a week I’ve seen two shows in Kansas City with great roles for women. We really are a lucky town. Go see Black Pearl Sings at The Spinning Tree and then watch Women Playing Hamlet here at the Unicorn. You will see some of the most talented and diverse talent in Kansas City, in addition to being treated to two new plays. This town is amazing. New York ain’t got nothing on us. 
Jessie Salsbury
Brick Street Theatre

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