Women Playing Hamlet – Part 2

I cannot get over Women Playing Hamlet at The Unicorn. I was at work the other day and I started laughing, and my coworker asked what was going on. I just mentioned I was laughing about the show that I’d seen.

The week before.

This show was everything a theatre production should be. Funny, well executed, a set and costumes that seamlessly worked to convey the entire message. Every actress (yes, all women!) was on point for every minute of the play. The audience was engaged the entire time.

The actresses: Katie Karel, Kathleen Warfel, Cathy Barnett, and Meredith Wolfe were dazzling as they jumped from character to character or from scene to scene. It was breathtaking to watch. 

The men’s roles were played by these women, but it was not performed in a caricature fashion. Underneath the humor was a story of heart and an examination choices we must face as artists. Do we go for the difficult choice, to play Hamlet? Or do we go to the sure thing, to act on a daytime Soap?

You do have one easy choice. Whether or not to see this show. You have to go. There are still nights that are ‘pay what you can’ that are open on the calendar, so there is no excuse.

May your Hamlet handbag fall apart in the wash and your drama teacher drown you in scarves if you miss this show.

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