National New Play Network Wine Tasting

Tonight I met Nan from the National New Play Network. I got to chat with her just a bit. She told all of us that by supporting new works that we aren’t patrons – we are artists that are influencing the Anerican canon of theatre works that will go on to influence the world. 

She asked me what I did. I told her I was a playwright, and she told me for sure I need to get my work on the new play exchange. For $10 year a playwright can submit their work and Theatres can search by topic, number of actors, length and pick a play from the new play database. She said 5 plays have already been produced from this database. 
I met 3 new playwrights – we all sat at the same table – and they’ve put their works into the Fringe festival. Tonight was amazing. I’m so lucky. 

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