MDC part 2

I submitted my 10 minute play for the Midwest Dramatists Center’s 2nd conference on Saturday. Route 84 House Fire feels like a bit of a lightning strike- nothing like that is going to happen again (back to back local productions). For some reason, that play resonates with people. I’m proud of it, and I need to rewrite the full length, but I’ve needed to let it sit a moment.

This current submission I think could be the start of something, but it was risky. They capped submissions this year so I didn’t want to miss out. If I don’t make it, I did my best and tried. I’ve got to be better about continuing to write and work. It’s just been stuck lately.


edit 7:32pm

ADOPTION OF GRIEF Is into the second round of another contest out of state!!!!!!

I’ve got to get rewrites in and actors cast for July’s OCTA …. yikes.

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