On giving too many standing ovations

I posted this on Facebook. Sharing here.

I’m sorry. I hate posts like this. You want to tell people to sit there solemnly for people who worked their asses off for 2-3 hours? Maybe the costumes were great but the acting was subpar. Maybe people are standing because they know one of the actresses got off chemo. Maybe they’re standing because they know this was a difficult play for the playwright to write. Just be fucking thrilled someone is showing up to your play. And you want to be pissy they gave a standing ovation? Or they gave too many? Or they’re too nice? Or they should save them for work that is worthy? Who decides what’s worthy? Do I call you and ask if it’s ok if I stand today? Glad to know there are apparently people who are the standing ovation police. Jesus Christ. I don’t know where this recent snobby attitude came from about people who get excited about theatre but apparently you all live in theatre towns where the audience is dead. You can have it. Oh my God this is such a stupid ass thing to care about. You should be angry about real shit, like motherfuckers who talk on their cell phones during plays.

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