Playwright format

I swear to god Playwrighting is 10% writing and 90% submitting stuff the way people want it.

Right now I’m submitting Route 84 to a horror radio show and I think it’s got a good shot but I’m sitting here manually reformatting it into BBC radio format like they require.

Thank goodness we bought adobe pro so I could convert their PDF form guide into word or Id be even further behind.

AND what is the point of me paying for Writer Duet and Final Draft if they don’t auto convert from one format to another? I like the automatic items they populate but I’m almost wondering if I should do what some do and go back to just Word. This is ridiculous.

One contest I made to round 2 simply by filling out all the forms and the formatting correctly. Honestly, that’s what they made clear.

Do novel writers deal with this?

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  1. To your fourth paragraph, I am told that Scrivener will do a much better job of exporting in other formats. (I do not have first-hand experience.)

    If your starting point is a Wordprocessor, then the Styles feature makes it far easier to change the formatting if you have to (you just edit the style to meet the required formatting and it is implemented throughout your text).

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