Kansas City Fringe is like Christmas for theatre and art people.

I love fringe season, this year especially, because I know a lot more people- and a lot of that is a trickle down effect from the Midwest Dramatists Center conference of 2017. I’m excited to see work of some friends I haven’t seen before. It’s nuts to see this many shows in two weekends!! I love it.

My post from Facebook from earlier today-

Our KC Fringe schedule if anyone wants to join us/me (or avoid us….up to you!)

**Please do not base your schedule/times off of this, but use Fringe’s schedule as the official one for any last minute adjustments/changes**

*7/21/18 Sat 4:30pm – Just off Broadway – Huck Finn and the mystery of the Ominous Shadow, 6pm – JOB – Revelations

*7/22/18 Sun 2pm – Medea – an American Tragedy – Arts Asylum

*7/27/18 Fri 6:30pm Unicorn – Jo, Adulting (8pm), Slurry (9:30pm)

*7/28/18 Sat 3:00pm Westport That’s no movie, The best play ever written (4:30), Deadlines (6:00pm)

There are a couple more I wanted to support but I just couldn’t physically make it work!! I’m seeing these paid so I can give the producers money towards their art, so there is only so much budget/time so please don’t be hurt if I couldn’t make it!! (except John Adams – when I walk by the till for his show I’m stealing it.)

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